Where is Your Joppa?

Where is Your Joppa? was birthed out as a result of God’s magnification of believers and non-believers alike who are failing to walk in their complete calling. The intent is not to embarrass, but to impress upon the readers the importance of utilizing our God-given gifts, talents, and callings to win the lost. We can no longer sit idly by and do nothing or wait for someone else to carry out our responsibilities. This is a season that requires action. God wants our complete obedience in our Christian walk. Not only does He want us to follow the statutes provided for us in His Holy Word, but He also intends for us to do exactly what He has called us to do, how He said to do it and when He said to do it. Remember, when we say, “Yes to your will, Lord,” God is expecting us to live up to our promises to Him and not turn a deaf ear when something appears unappealing to us.


As you peruse the pages of the book, keep an open heart, mind, and spirit about the calling that God has on your life. Purpose in your heart to give God exactly what He is asking for: complete obedience.

Where is Your Joppa?
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