Failure is a Fact of Life: A Deal Made with God

How do we handle the pressures of life? Do we manage the stress of past failures or does it manage us? Are we able to cope beyond simple survival and live life happily? Or, do we collapse under the weight of it all, panic at the thought of what tomorrow will bring, while looking for a way to cope?

This is a deeply personal book about failure, written by someone who knows failure all too well and written specifically for those who have failed at something in life. Maybe it was failure in school or failure in a relationship. Perhaps it was a failed marriage or a failed attempt at reaching a goal.

First, using the biblical story of Peter’s denial of Jesus Christ and then highlighting some of her own personal trials, the author clearly depicts that life’s failures are not “what ifs,” but “whens.” She eloquently expresses how the life journey of a Christian is laden with the trials of red seas, lions’ dens, cold pits, walls of Jericho, crosses, thistles and thorns – and, oh yes, failures. 

Life’s most cherished lessons are achieved through experiences of failure. In the seasons of heartache, loss and pain, greater insights about faith, love, life, and a need for God are gained.  Moreover, victory over trials and failures produces spiritual growth.  The author, Dr. Liddell (MD), offers the philosophy that we hurt; then, we heal; then, we help. She also informs that these steps in the process of working through failures sometimes overlap.

This book is one testimony that we can trust that God is always with us on our life journey. It reminds us that He personally orders all of His children’s stops as well as their steps. It demonstrates that unwavering faith in God helps one to effectively manage the stress of failure. 

So, stop all of the self-damaging, self-punishing, self-crucifying talk and begin to speak abundant “life” into your situation. Regarding your past failures and future ones, having a relationship with God does not exempt you, it keeps you. Enjoy reading this inspiring book and rise again! Your better days are ahead.


Failure is a Fact of Life: A Deal Made with God
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