Celibate Fabulous & Fearless

What qualities come to mind when you see Ms. Carter? Some would describe her as everything a woman could ever aspire to be: a saved woman of God, intelligent, educated, fabulous, sexy, infectious personality, quality in every aspect of her life, impeccably fashionable, talented, physically fit, world-winning smile, and very confident. As the gospel group Mary Mary’s song says, “It’s the God in Me! What is it that you think you see, when you see me?” What people envision is not the sum total of Ms. Carter’s existence. When she is home behind closed doors, she oftentimes finds herself face down on the floor crying to the Lord Jesus Christ, “Why me?”

Ms. Carter’s life may appear fabulous on the outside, but it did not come without a price. Most people could not handle all she has endured, but if it had not been for God’s hand on her life, she would not be living today.

When she was four years old, Ms. Carter’s dad was suddenly removed from her life. However, she did not realize, until she became a young woman, how the absence of her father influenced her decision to guard her heart and never allow herself to be in love with a man. Thankfully, God placed her stepfather in her life to give her a foundation of living for God, which would ultimately have a hold on her life. 

As a young adult, after deciding to surrender her life to God and live a life of celibacy, Ms. Carter was continuously mocked by friends and ridiculed by the men she dated. Although she was raised in the church, she struggled with living a celibate lifestyle and made several mistakes: being in a relationship with the wrong person who brought tragedy to her life that almost resulted in death, entering into an abusive marriage from watching her biological clock, and experiencing many disappointments from various people.

Just when she thought God had forgotten about her, Mr. Right came into her life, and she finally fell in love with the man of her dreams. He was ecstatic about her celibate lifestyle and proclaimed she was his “once in a lifetime.” Ms. Carter was on cloud nine and ready to spend the rest of her life with him. She dropped the guard over her heart and decided to give him her all. Before long, everything around her started to crumble into heartbreak, deceit, humility, and pain. It felt endless.

But through it all, standing firm on God’s word would prove to be well worth it, and she would learn the blessing would ultimately be in her breaking. Ms. Carter would soon come to realize why her life’s most precious moments would always be on display for the world to see. God definitely places those who bear His message “on stage” for all to watch, as He holds the script to their lives. He knows the ending will be something their eyes have never seen and their ears have never heard!

Some people who look from the outside of Ms. Carter’s life would say it is a “mystery movie” and would expect her to walk off stage with her head down. However, she has not fallen into the devil’s trap, and God is saying, “Keep watching the movie. The best is yet to come!”

Celibate Fabulous & Fearless
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