Blessings in the Book: Instructor/Facilitator's Guide

Blessings in the Book, the Instructor/Facilitator's Guide, is a necessary and valuable companion edition to Blessings in the Book: A Study Guide for the Book of Revelation. This is a must-have tool for pastors, teachers, evangelists, instructors and facilitators who desire to lead students of the Word in well-rounded classes or Bible study groups to a deeper understanding of the introductory aspects of Eschatology.
This volume provides helpful tips and background information to promote discussion and offer the instructor/facilitator a wealth of biblically-based, contextual information to help learners focus on the true meaning and intent of the Word without becoming lost in unproductive, rhetorical arguments.
Class objectives are sprinkled throughout the text, so the instructor can lay the proper foundation for each section of the study guide. Most importantly, this volume is designed to support the instructor/facilitator in his/her ultimate goal of eliminating the fear and mystique that has surrounded the Book of Revelation for far too long.
The instructor will experience the joy of helping learners uncover the marvelous message and Blessings in the Book. And what is that blessing? It is that in the end we win, and Jesus Christ and everything about Him is vindicated in full, blazing, breath-taking glory!
The enemies of the cross, Satan and all his hosts, are systematically defeated and destroyed forever! Is it any wonder that Satan would like to keep this Word hidden and shrouded in fear, unbelief, and ignorance? No more! God is raising up teachers, preachers, prophets and evangelists for the last days. This Instructor's Guide is just the right tool to facilitate that task. Revelation is a fantastic book, a "must-read" for every Christian!

Blessings in the Book: Instructor/Facilitator's Guide
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