A Touch in the Dark

Dr. Teri Langston is enjoying life with her husband Reggie and doing all that she loves to do: traveling, eating good food, spending time with family and friends, and re-decorating her home. Her career is doing well, and life is grand. In her world, there is nothing else that she needs- except a little healing.

From the recesses of her mind, her past sneaks back in to haunt her and remind her of traumatic events she once endured. In the midst of living fantasies fulfilled, Teri finds herself grasping for peace in the middle of a still, quiet storm.

Surrounded by her loving family, Teri wonders if the memories will ever fade, if the uncomfortable feelings will ever subside, and if she will ever turn the past loose.


Take this journey with Teri as she laughs, cries, rejoices, and looks for answers. Will she find the peace she longs for or will her suffering be prolonged?

A Touch  in the  Dark
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