A Love of Our Own


A Love of Our Own is not your usual conventional read.  This book’s primary focus is designed merely as a plan of action, in regards to love and equality, in relationships in the era we live in. It focuses on the responsibility of men and women in committed relationships and gives insight on how to protect, understand, and be accountable to one another. This book addresses the vicious cycle of ups and downs many face, such as infidelity, abuse, equality, support, etc. It is a quick read, but it is undoubtedly a very insightful, inspirational, and motivational piece. It serves as a form of encouragement to proper love, life, and self-fulfillment.


*The book details how men are wired differently from women, when registering and acquiring love and commitment.


*It demonstrates methods to eliminate abuse in dry relationships, regardless of gender.


*It includes methods for effective ways to strengthen bonds and companionships.


*Includes poetry on various subject matters.


A Love of Our Own
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